Opening a Personal Account

Thank you for your interest in opening a personal account at Harrods Bank.

Please find below the documentation that is required from you in order to proceed with opening your account. If you have applied via a postal application or online, we need to receive these documents within 15 working days of your application otherwise we may close the application and you will have to apply again. For reasons of security, we recommend that you do not send original documents through the post.  Please send certified copies. You will need to send or bring the following:

Depending on your citizenship and residency you are required to provide a number of the following documents

Number of documents required to prove your identity

Number of documents required to prove your address

UK citizen living in the UK

Non UK Citizen living in UK

Non UK resident


Please contact bank
for further details

Please contact bank 
for further details


Please contact bank 
for further details

Please contact bank 

for further details

Acceptable Documentation

1 x Personal Identity


Minimum 1 x Address Verification

1 x Photocard Identity:

  • Current valid (signed) Passport
  • Current valid National ID card (non UK Nationals)
  • Current UK / EU Photocard Driving Licence
  • Current Firearms/Shotgun Certificate

1 x Non-Photocard Identity plus an additional Proof of Address:

  • Current State Pension notification letter
  • Current Benefits Agency letter



  • Current UK / EU Photocard Driving Licence
(please note that this cannot be used for both proof of identity and proof of address)
Issued within the last 12 months:
  • Mortgage Statement or Mortgage Redemption Statement
  • Current Council Tax Bill
  • House or motor insurance certificate
  • Current State Pension notification letter
  • Current Benefits Agency letter
  • Solicitor letter confirming completion of house purchase
  • HMRC Tax notification documentation (this does not include P60s)
  • Letter from Council confirming Electoral Roll listing
Issued within the last 3 months:
  • Bank / Building Society / Statement (please note that we are unable to accept internet banking print-outs)
  • Account, investment or insurance document
  • Utility Bill – Gas, Electricity, Water, Telephone (Not mobile phones)


  • Bank or Building Society Statement for the nominated account (dated within last 3 months)
  • A voided blank cheque from the nominated account (if you are making your initial deposit by a cheque from your nominated account this can also be accepted)
        You may use the bank statement for both proof of address and nominated account

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept statements or bills printed from the Internet

All documents provided in support of a new client application, or in conjunction with ongoing reviews must either be originals presented to Harrods Bank in person, with a certified copy taken by a member of staff, or provided in copy form having been certified by an appropriate person (as detailed below).

How should copies of documentation be certified?

Who can certify copies of documentation?


  • Must be photocopied in black and white and be clearly legible

  • The person certifying the document must state on the copy that it is a ‘true copy of the original’

  • Photographic identification (e.g. passport, photo driving licence) should additionally be certified as a “true likeness of the individual”


The person certifying the document must provide their:

  • Full name and signature

  • Occupation / job title

  • Name of Professional Body and Registration Number (e.g. Law Society, Police Force Identification Numbers)

  • UK contact address and telephone number (as we may need to contact them to confirm the certification)

Where copies are provided these must be clear photocopies and must be certified by one of the following  independent professional persons, who should be registered with a relevant UK authority:

  • Legal professional (A Judge, Solicitor, Lawyer or Barrister registered in England & Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland)

  • Qualified Accountant (registered with either ICAEW, ICAS, ACCA, CIPFA or CIMA)

  • Medical professional (Doctor registered with the General Medical Council, Dentist registered with Register of General Dental Professionals)

  • Social Worker (Person registered with the Health and Care Professions Council)

  • Bank / Building Society Official (Requires official bank stamp with sort-code)

  • Post Office Official (Person authorised under the Post Office Document Certification Service)

  • Approved Person with UK Financial Services Firm (Person listed on the Financial Conduct Authority Register)

  • Member of Parliament

Please note that we cannot accept certification by a close family member or acquaintance (e.g. cohabitant).

You may find our Certification Form useful in ensuring we have the right documents and that they are properly certified.

Download the Document Certification Form

If you are unable to provide any documents from the list provided, please telephone us on 020 7225 6789  to discuss alternative arrangements that may be possible. We will do all we can to find a suitable alternative to take account of your individual circumstances, however we regret that we cannot open an account without necessary identification. For information on applications from outside of the UK please contact the Bank on 0800 387704 or 020 7225 6789.