Personalised banking service. What is personalised banking services? Is a personalised banking service for you? Would you benefit from a personalised banking service? Harrods Bank prides its self on creating induvidual personalised banking services and accounts to meet our customer requirments.
Harrods Bank offers customers instant recognition across the globe in addition to a world of benefits and privileges.
Individual and quality banking from Harrods. As with 'Business Class', it elevates regular banking to a new, more personal level Our banking service has been designed exclusively to meet the needs of our more discerning clients - those with a minimum of ?1,000,000 in liquid assets or a salary in excess of ?250,000 per annum. Harrods banking is available as a standalone service or in conjunction with our investment management services. Our aim is to be different by the quality of the service we offer, so your Private Banking Manager will always have the time to listen, the expertise and resources to advise and the commitment to act promptly and efficiently. We also provide a range of valuable travel benefits to cover both business and leisure trips and access to a range of services including insurance, mortgages and loans. Your banking transactions can be undertaken at our knightsbridge store.
An independently managed private bank offering full traditional banking services such as current accounts, High Interest Bank accounts, savings accounts, small business accounts, secured loans, home loans, bridging loans, debit cards and foreign payments.
Bank is an independently managed bank offering full traditional banking
services such as current accounts, High Interest Bank accounts,,savings
accounts, small business accounts, secured loans, home loans, bridging
loan, debit cards and foreign payments. A small private bank that specialises
in personal banking of an individual nature. Harrods Bank specialises in
quality and luxury banking with a personal approach and believe in the
traditions of old fashioned personal banking. Harrods Bank has a commitment
to treating every customer as an individual and always maintain a personal
touch. A competitive range of services are offered from current accounts
to savings accounts and from personal loans to mortgages and home loans.
All customers are assigned a personal Account Manager to ensure that a
quality service is maintained. All managers are experienced and professional
account managers and they will meet all your financial requirements with
discretion, sensitivity and expertise. Harrods Banking is personal, high
net worth banking in a small private bank. Personal and luxury banking
are synonymous with the name Harrods Bank.
Harrods luxury and personal banking.
Luxury, executive banking from Harrods.
A private bank offering a range of property loans such as bridging loans, buy to let mortgages, home build mortgages, investment property mortgages and mortgage refinancing.
Professional and traditional banking from Harrods Bank.
A traditional bank offering luxury, professional, executive and High Net worth banking at Harrods.
A personalised banking service - exclusively from Harrods Bank
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